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There’s many do’s and don’ts when it comes to writing, especially descriptively!

  • Don’t reuse the same word several times in a paragraph.
  • Do use some interesting and unusual words (the sort you don’t actually talk with every day, such as “scintillate” and “colossal”).
  • Don’t try to sound like a forced descriptive essay writer; just sound like your natural self. (Example, don’t say something like: “The sky-blue azure breath-taking lake waters glistened and scintillated beneath the beautiful bright golden-red setting sun as it dipped its last brilliant rays of the day into the far distant waves of the horizon .”)
  • Writing a descriptive essay means really seeing what you’re describing in your mind, and putting the picture onto paper so that your image can be seen in the minds of your readers.
  • Get the feel for what you’re describing. Feel the beauty, the pathos, the suffering, the joy, whatever emotion is there.

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