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How it began

An idea can shoot from a spark, a trigger; a sudden event. The whole concept of Myessaywritingcompany.com germinated one fine day when a student helped a confused mate with his essay. The latter got accolades for his work and the actual writer was blessed with an idea. He put it to fruition by amassing a team of razor-edged writers who were amenable to help students with their assignments. The enterprise came into being in 2010 and has been growing exponentially since then.

How we operate

At Myessaywritingcompany.com, we cherish and treasure writers who are conversant with format styles and know how to organize their work. They always:

  • Understand what the student actually wants
  • Add a personal and special touch to the work
  • Differentiate between the types of essays and handling them in proposed manner
  • Remain accessible
  • Set tone by authentic and non-plagiarized writing
  • Do comprehensive and detailed research

Our mission

Our mission is to make you happy with sincere, graded and organized submissions. We keep the rates reasonable for added effect.

Our vision

Our vision is growth. We absorb that by helping you with your problems, we are setting a trend for academic excellence. This can only result in an expansive network wherein every student will feel assured and firm-footed.

Our support team

Our support team drives a seamless link between the writers and you. They address your directives and grievances with zeal and ensure that the gaps are plugged and the communication is fluent at both ends.